The two factors that affect solar power generation

Your solar panels and microinverters aren’t the only factors that affect performance. Maximizing your power generation takes quality and careful planning throughout your installation.
The realities of solar irradiation
Solar panels need to be properly irradiated – exposed to the beams of radiation that come from the sun.
Positioning your panels is an important part of this process. However, irradiation levels can also be affected by:
● Air quality
● Dust
● The actual temperature or environmental temperature of your solar panels
● The actual efficiency or attenuation of your modules
The potential of your solar ecosystem
Beyond your solar panels, the rest of your installation may limit your power production.
Common issues that affect output include:
● Power loss through your cables
● The efficiency and reliability of your inverters
● Mismatch loss and MPPT efficiency
● The on-line rate of your system

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