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Become a smart sustainability leader with high-quality solar energy that’s accessible to everyone.

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Our field-tested, installer-trusted technology is with you from sunrise to sunset, year after year.

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Harness the expertise of a team that’s rising to the challenge of delivering equitable energy through innovative products.

The next generation of solar storage

With HY3 series three-phase hybrid inverters, get more from your solar ecosystem with efficient power storage, discharge and real-time monitoring.

Transform untamed power into smart energy

Our range of microinverters is designed to suit installations of every shape and size with unparalleled CEC weighted efficiency – more AC output from your DC input. All with easy installation, reliability and real-time monitoring in common.

Take control in the cloud

See how S-Miles Cloud, our easy to use monitoring platform, brings your installation and performance data together in one simple interface.

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Get practical help on your journey to energy independence.

The power of blue-sky thinking

How we helped create South Africa’s largest photovoltaic power station with world-class technology.

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